Days 41- 46: We’re Done!!!

Clearly, I was slacking with the blog a bit towards the end of this trip. All the days sort of blended together. I’ll just tell you the hilights of the end of our bike trip.

-We took a zero day on the beach at a wonderful campsite where their were hardly any people. It was great except for the crude oil on the beach that stuck to our feet and took an hour to clean off.

-We biked several big mile days in a row, our biggest being 65 miles.

-L.A. was a disaster to bike through. The cars do not care at all about trying to avoid hitting cyclists. They just want to get where they’re going as quickly as possible.

-We rode a train one evening to skim off 30 miles. Southern California has an excellent public transit system.

-From LA onward, it was difficult to find places to stay. The hotels were very expensive and there weren’t very many campsites. One state park turned us away because they were full and they didn’t have hiker/biker sites.

-On our last day, we biked through Imperial Beach and down to the Mexico border. There was a giant fence separating the two countries and a wall built out into the ocean (which looked swim able to me). Not a lot was going on on the U.S. side, but the people on the Mexico side looked like they were having a blast. There was a crowded restaurant with loud music and people laughing and having fun. The beach was full of colorful umbrellas and children swimming.

So now our bike trip is over and we’ve been in San Diego for a few days. We’re off to the airport tomorrow.












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