Days 38- 40: Big Sur and the Drought

We biked 100 miles through Big Sur in the last 3 days. It’s definitely been the most beautiful stretch of ocean. The water is an indigo shade of blue and it’s difficult to differentiate where the ocean ends and the sky begins.

Big Sur is a mountainous stretch and we had heard how difficult it would be. It wasn’t too bad though. The uphills were tough, but zooming down the road is thrilling. I probably get up to 40 miles an hour, although I haven’t actually recorded my speed.

Big Sur is pretty isolated. I usually don’t mind it so much, but I wish I had loaded more food in my bag. Most of the places in Big Sur are expensive.

There’s also a drought going on right now. Many of the campgrounds have turned their showers off. We stayed at a dry campground last night. There wasn’t anywhere to fill up our water bottles. We had to pay $5 to the ranger for a gallon.

I smelled so bad tonight that I hopped in the ocean and washed my hair there. We do have water spigots tonight though, so that’s a plus.

Highway 1 is veering inland tomorrow. I think we’re going to take a train down the Santa Barbara. It’s too hot to bike without the ocean breeze.







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