Days 36 & 37: Headwinds and Big Miles

We’ve biked 100 miles in 2 days. I’m exhausted.

Yesterday, the headwinds were blowing against us all day long. Biking is way more difficult with wind blowing against you. Even the flat parts were hard.

We were also by the water, so there was lots of sand. Whenever a particularly strong gust came along, sand would blow up and sting my skin and stick to my sunscreen. My skin was grainy all day.

We had a Warm Showers lined up in Santa Cruz. Warm Showers is a website where people open their homes to long distance cyclists. We went and stayed at Rita’s house. She set us up in her spare bedroom, helped us plan out our route through Big Sur, and made us coffee and eggs this morning.

We did another 50 to Monterey today. It wasn’t as bad because the headwinds didn’t start blowing against us until we were 10 miles from our destination.

Tonight we’re at a hotel.

I seem to have limited mobility in my hand after today. I think my nerves are going numb from resting on handlebars all day.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Big Sur.







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