Days 33- 35: San Fransisco and the Bay Area

We’ve had a busy few days.

The day before yesterday, we left Samuel P. Taylor State Park to head for San Fransisco. It was 30- something miles. I thought that it would just be boring suburbs, but the area was actually very unique. Lots of the houses are brightly colored and the neighborhoods had lots of cute restaurants.

We stopped for lunch at a gluten-free, dairy-free Mexican restaurants. I didn’t have high expectations, but my enchiladas were delicious.

The Bay Area is actually a really expensive place to live because of all of the tech companies in the area. It’s a hot spot for computer related jobs.

We stopped in Sausilito for ice cream, then headed for the Golden Gate Bridge. One side of the bridge was just for walkers and one side was just for cyclists. We posed for some photos, then kept biking. I tried to go around one of the support beams, then the wind hit me head on and I couldn’t move forward. I had to get off and push. It felt very unsteady.

Finally, we made it across the bridge and into San Fransisco. Our phones were close to dying, so we had to quickly navigate over 5 miles to get to where we were going.

My friend Erika had invited us to stay with her. I met her years ago at Camp Wakatomika. We both went to Girl Scout camp there for years and were counselors when we were older.

Erika took us out to her favorite crepe place, the Crepe Vine. We had a great night sleep on her blow up mattress, then spent the next day exploring the city. Erika drove us around in her car, and showed us some tourist spots. I think my favorite was getting a clam chowder sour dough bread bowl on Pier 39.

Erika is really into biking as well, and she does a fundraising ride from San Fransisco to Los Angeles every year. By the end of our visit, she was planning her own bike tour for Europe next summer.

We had to head out this morning and start toward Half Moon Bay. It was a 30 mile ride, and it took a surprisingly short amount of time. I think we’re becoming faster bikers. We’re planning on doing 50 miles to Santa Cruz tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.














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