Days 31- 32: Fort Bragg

We had intentions of biking yesterday. We even packed up camp and left the state park. Once we made it to town however, we lost enthusiasm. The roads were busy with holiday weekend traffic and there was a lot of nothing coming up.

After sitting in Starbucks and charging our phones for 2 hours, we decided just to go back to the park. The 5 mile ride was great. It was on a paved bike path and by the water.

We also checked out Glass Beach. Apparently, decades ago, locals would just throw their trash over the cliff. Eventually, the broken glass smoothed over and became like pebbles. So it was a glass beach for awhile, but most of the glass is gone now.

I spent some time on the beach by MacKerricker State Park. The was a gigantic rock with a few dozen seals hanging out on it. It was difficult to notice them at first because they didn’t move too much. There was a booming of fireworks in the distance and a few of the more frightened seals scuttled off the rock and into the sea.

We didn’t do much today except for take a bus for a few hours. To our credit, we did wake up at 5:45 and bike 5 miles to catch the bus.

We’re staying at Samuel P. Taylor State Park tonight. It’s packed full of people. Supposedly after San Fransisco we will have a long, rural stretch and get away from all these people. We will also only have 600 miles left. This is good because I’m reaching the end of my trip budget.

We have 30 miles to San Fransisco tomorrow. We will take a day off and stay with my old camp friend Erika.









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