Days 27- 28: Arcata and the Redwoods

Yesterday we biked a short distance from McKinellyville to Arcata. We took a bike path for half of the distance, which was very scenic and easy to bike on. Then we biked down a country road through the area known as “the Bottoms”. It’s just the farmland part of Arcata and it looks a lot like Ohio.

Despite being in Humbolt County, I have not seen any marijuana farms. I think their kept secret pretty well.

We met up with our new friends Amelia and Chris to stay at Amelia’s mom Linda’s house. We did a load of laundry then went out to shop for my new bike part. My gears weren’t shifting very well, so Chris offered to fix it for me. I just needed a $20 part, and 2 hours of his time.

Luckily for us, we were in town on potluck night. We helped cook and eat some delicious food. Linda also had a plum tree, so we ate plums all day long. We also met several more locals at the potluck.

I had a wonderful hot shower and shaved my legs for the first time since Washington. Then we slept in a wonderfully soft bed. I didn’t really want to get up, but a cup of coffee motivated me to get going.

We went out for breakfast at Amelia’s favorite crepe restaurant. I had a crepe filled with raspberries and covered in Nutella and whipped cream.

Then it was time to get going for the day. We skipped ahead about 50 miles on a public bus, for the sake of staying on schedule. We got off the bus in Scotia and started biking.

Avenue of the Giants was the big thing today. It’s an old growth Redwood forest, meaning it’s never been cut down for lumber before. Some of the trees are as old as 1000 years and they have withstood floods and fires. The Avenue of the Giants goes on for 30 miles, and we’re camped out in the middle of it at Burlington Campground.

Tomorrow we’re going to try to do our biggest day yet: almost 50 miles. We’ll see how that goes. We will be in San Francisco in a few days.











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