Days 23- 25: Rain, Sun, and California

The rain that I talked about in the last post continued on for 2 more days. It continued to be miserable to bike in, as expected. But I did get better about keeping my things dry.

We met a nice couple named Amelia and Chris who we shared a campsite with on Gold Beach. They were finishing up their trip, but they live in Arcata (an upcoming town) so we’ll see them soon.

We have also entered the Redwood Forest. The trees didn’t seem unusually large to me, but they have been getting larger as we go.

We officially entered the forest as we were going up this big ass mountain, a 1200 footer. It was raining and the road was curvy and there was hardly any shoulder. We made it up the mountain and to our turn for the campsite. Unfortunately, it was an 800 feet descent to camp, which would have been fine, but we were going to have to go back up it in the morning.

We made it down and paid for our site. We had trouble finding it, so we asked the camp hosts. They told us about how an orphan bear cub had just been captured at our site the day before.

The next morning we started up the big ass hill, but then we hitched a ride from a pick-up truck full of teenage boys. They seemed delighted to be picking up hitch-hikers, and they happily loaded our bikes in the bed. Three of them insisted that we should ride up front, and they sat in the back.

We stopped at a “Trees of Mystery” attraction that had a gondola that took you up a mountain. Mom and the other lady in our car nearly had panic attacks from the height.

I chatted with 2 guys who just started their trip yesterday. They told Mom that she is a “badass momma” for biking. Also, camp rumor has it that there is a guy touring with his cat.

I haven’t had cell service for 2 nights in a row at camp, so I will post this when I get internet.









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