Day 26: Sunny Day and Small Hills

Today we covered about 35 miles.

I woke up this morning to the sun shining brightly through my tent. We had our morning coffee and oatmeal while we packed our things. There were lots of people in camp. There are more cyclists out, 70% of which seem to fall into the “good-looking young men” demographic.

The terrain today wasn’t too challenging. Most of the uphills were short and steep. I didn’t really mind it until the end of the day when I got tired.

We were on a scenic alternate route for about 10 miles today. It was really bumpy and partially covered in gravel, but it had amazing views.

We stopped in a place called Trinidad and had some BBQ chicken for lunch. We sat at the table with a few locals. One was a man who sat painting the picnic table with blue finger nail polish and talking about philosophy. There was a lady who was drinking a 40 out of a brown paper bag. Then there was an old man with glasses that magnified his eyes and was talking nonsense.

I was just trying to eat my chicken, but the old man started making racial slurs, then the other man started swearing at him. The BBQ grill guy tried to get them to chill, but then made them both leave. Then the lady got kicked out for drinking beer in public.

We bolted out of town after finishing our chicken, then made our way to camp. The place we were going to stay sucked and it’s restrooms smelled bad from a distance. So we biked 5 more miles to an RV park.

We’re having a short day in Arcata tomorrow and hanging out with Amelia and Chris.






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