Day 22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today has been nothing but rain. We woke up to the pattering of drops on our tent. I went to the bathroom and plugged our phones in, then we had our tea and oatmeal inside of the tent. I packed up most of my gear while I was still in the tent, then we broke down the tent and I strapped it on top of my bike rack with a cargo net.

It was a cold and wet bike ride today. I wore my Showers Pass pink rain jacket, and I noticed that lots of other bikers have the same brand. It’s an Oregon based company, so that would make sense since we’re in Oregon.

We had a 20 mile bike ride to get to North Bend. My socks and shoes got soaked immediately because water from my tires splashed onto my legs then ran down into my socks. Every time a semi drove by, I got misted with a fresh layer of dirt water.

Finally, after much shivering, we made it to North Bend. Mom wanted to take a bus ahead 60 miles because it would all be inland and we needed to stay on schedule.

We had relaxing 2 hour bus ride, then were sent out into the rain once more. We did our laundry and I found a motel room for us a mile away.

The mile to the motel was the worst because the rain was colder and stronger. The wind was also blowing against me. A hot shower and a soft bed has improved morale though.



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