Days 20- 21: Mountains and Clouds

The past two days have not been super eventful. We covered about 80 miles though between today and yesterday, which is some sort of a record for us.

The terrain has been getting very hilly. We seem to either be going up and down really big mountains or going over small hills all day. The small hills become exhausting b the end of the day because it gets really difficult to pedal. At least with the mountains, we can get off and push. But I feel a bit stupid getting off of my bike and pushing when the top is 30 feet away.

The roads have become pretty bumpy. It seems that when this stretch of highway was last paved, they though they would save money by skipping the shoulder. So the shoulder (where I bike) is crumbly and bumpy, while the regular road is smooth. There’s too much traffic to bike off the shoulder, except when I’m going on a steep downhill. I don’t want to wreck in the gravel, so I speed down the regular road.

The views have been pretty good. For most of yesterday afternoon and this morning, we were biking along overlooks to the ocean. There are some spots where there is just a knee high wall between my bike and the 100+ foot drop off. Those are kind of scary.

Last night we had the chilly, cloudy beach all to ourself and some guy who was digging in the sand. I chilled on a piece of driftwood and read my book.

I did finally get my bike brake fixed today in Florence. The guy fixed it right away. The downhills feel far less dangerous.

My hands are starting to really ache from all the bumps and just from holding onto my handlebars all day. My hands start to fall asleep while I bike, and I have to reposition them often. I’m also starting to lose feeling in the heels of my hands.








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