Day 19: Ocean Views and Mediocre Chowder

Today was our second 30+ mile day in a row. We’re getting more efficient at this whole biking thing.

Mom did complain about her back tire for the whole morning. Her tires are really thin, so they have to be filled up with air all the way or it’s harder to pedal. My hand pump can fill the tire up enough to keep biking, but doesn’t fill it to capacity. We stopped at a gas station to use their air pump, but it was too big for our tire valves. We stopped at a bike shop (my brake still isn’t fixed), but they were closed on Sundays.

At least we only had one big hill today, a 500 footer. The rest of the ride was pretty easy. We had ocean views almost all day long. The ride was also full of precipitous cliff sides.

Before the trip, I had several people tell me to stop at Mo’s for their clam chowder. Their slogan even claims “World Famous Chowder”. I had a bowl in Otter Cliff, and it was good. I’ve only had a few bowls of clam chowder in my life, so it may have even been the best I’ve ever eaten. I’m not sure why it is known as the best chowder ever. Maybe I was just expecting too much after all the hype.

We biked on and cars zoomed on by us while we biked down Highway 101. The sun was shining, so that was great.

We stopped in Lincoln City to do our grocery shopping. There was one long, windy bridge we had to cross. There was no shoulder, so we opted to push our bikes on the sidewalk. It was cold and the wind was whipping my hair in my face the whole time.

On the other side of the bridge, we were only a mile from South Beach State Park. My GPS took us in he most roundabout (but scenic) way imaginable.

We made it to the hiker/biker campsite and met a nice couple from Indiana who pumped up our tires with their large bike pump and then gave us s’mores. Then I read my book on the beach until the sun went down.








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