Days 13-15: On to Oregon

After camping out in La Push, we started our bus journey south to Oregon. While our destination was really only a 5 hour drive from our starting point, the public bus system works on a limited schedule. Therefore, on the first day we could only go most of the way.

We took a short bus ride from La Push back to Forks. We sat at the Forks Transit Center for several hours to wait for our next bus. We had to connect twice to get to Aberdeen. Aberdeen seemed like an alright town but our racist bus driver got Mom a etched out about it. We had to sit in that town for 3 hours.

Finally, we caught our last bus for the day down to Raymond. Some nice locals directed us to a good motel. Luckily for us, the motel was opening a hostel room for bikers. For $25 a person, we got a bunk bed and a shower and coffee. No one else showed up to share to hostel room either.

We got up in the morning to catch the 7:50 bus to Astoria, our first stop in Oregon. We made it there by 9:30 then we started biking.

After doing shorter days, we managed to get back in the biking groove. Most of our ride was flat, but we had a giant hill at the end of the day. I had to stop for 3 breaks before I made it to the top.

We went to a state park for the night. Oregon charges $6 per person a night, whereas Washington charged $12 a campsite, so it ends up being the same price.

There were several other bikers around, which was nice. We’ve been kind of alone up until now. I’m glad we’ll have more people to chat with who are doing the same thing. I did see a lone hiker at the campsite, so I went and chatted with him about trails for a while.

Today we got up and rode for a while. I seem to be having a problem with my front brake that still needs to be resolved. I’ll hit the brake and after I’ve lifted up, one side of the brake pad will continue to drag on my wheel while the other side goes back into place. I didn’t need to use it much today, but I’d like to get it fixed before my next big hill.

We’re biking mainly on Highway 101 now, which has great scenery and lots of amenities. There’s cars constantly zooming by at high speeds though. It’s kind of unnerving and not as tranquil as I would like.

We’re taking a bus into Portland tomorrow so I can visit my friend Marc.





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