Day 12: La Push

I woke up in the Bella suite today and slowly gathered my belongings. I didn’t really want to leave, but I definitely couldn’t stay. I buzzed across the street to the Forks Outfitters to buy a pair of nail clippers and some postcards.

We went to the town diner and had a huge breakfast before heading out. We had 15 miles to go til La Push. La Push is the Quileutte Indian Reservation and also has a beach.

The bike ride was easy and pleasant. The overcast clouds kept us cool. There was a convenience store halfway in that advertised the “Treaty Line”. It’s a part of the Twilight story. The vampires and werewolves have a treaty, but they’re not supposed to cross each other’s land.

We arrived in La Push and got a campsite at the local resort. We set up our tent, poked around the beach, then walked into town. A big dog approached me and let me pet him for a while.

Town wasn’t much. The land in the area was beautiful, but based on the houses, the area seems to be poverty stricken.

We went back to our campsite and cooked dinner. I had a beer and some hot dogs. Our campsite is right by the beach, so I walked out to see the sunset. It may have been the most spectacular sunset I’ve ever seen. The clouds made a nice contrast to the orange glow, and the islands is the distance made nice scenery.

Now I’m going to fall asleep while listening to the ocean waves.












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