Day 11: Forks

I misread the bus schedule until last night when I noticed the first bus out of Port Townshend was at 7:15 and the next one wasn’t until 5 pm. So we had to hustle this morning, waking up at 5:40 and biking 3 miles through the rain to the bus station.

We made our bus though! We stopped to transfer in Sequiem then once more in Port Angeles. I learned how to use those metal things on the front of buses that hold bikes. It was 3 hours total. All before our morning coffee.

The countryside heading into Forks was beautiful. There was a gigantic, aqua blue lake at the bottom of several towering mountains. The sky was cloudy, although it did stop raining.

We made it into Forks with a few hours to kill before we could check into our motel. I had called to make reservations, but they were all out of regular rooms so I got upgraded to the “Bella suite” for free! It’s basically just a Twilight themed room.

We went to the lovely local diner and had giant omelets and 3 cups of coffee each. Then we went to the Forks Outfitter, which was basically just a grocery store, camping store, hardware store, and liquor store all rolled into one. Then we did a load of laundry at the laundromat.

Finally, I went and checked into the Dew Drop Inn. I had a hot shower and a hot cup of tea. With my fresh clothes on, I wandered down to the visitors center where the replicas of Bella’s pick-up truck live. There was one based on the book and one based on the movie. I also wandered down to the Forks High School to take a photo with the sign.

We will be biking out to La Push tomorrow, which is an actual Quilutte Indian Reservation.










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