Days 6 & 7: Lopez and Orca Islands

We’ve been on the San Juan Islands for 2 days. Lopez Island and Orca Island specifically.

Yesterday morning, we hopped on the ferry in Anacortes, which is run by the state of Washington, over to Lopez Island. We started biking up a steep hill before cruising to the bottom. There was a place called Odlin Campsite at the bottom of the hill, so we decided to set up camp and ditch our gear before continuing on.

We picked out a campsite with a view of the water. We set up the tent and put our gear inside. So far, everywhere has been very friendly so we stopped worrying about people stealing our stuff. From there, we biked a few miles into town. It was a lot easier without the majority of our stuff. It was mostly uphill to town, so it wasn’t too easy though.

Town was really small and there wasn’t a lot to see. Mom stopped at the thrift store and bought a fleece and a pair of pajama pants because she packed for a tropical vacation and is cold at night.

We went back to our campsite and relaxed on the beach for a few hours.

This morning we woke up early because we had to bike back to the ferry and catch the 9:55 ride to Orca Island. That doesn’t sound too bad, but we had to get up and pack up all of our gear, then start biking to the ferry station before we had our coffee. Luckily there was a cafe at the station, and we got to drink large coffees while we waited in the cold.

On the ferry ride over, we saw 3 baby Orca whales playing in the water. One put its little fin in the air and waved at the ship.

It was a chilly day for the most part today. On top of that, Orca Island has a lot of steep inclines and declines. The sun would occasionally come out, throwing us into another loop. I started the day with a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, a fleece, my merino wool headband (to keep my ears warm), and my bike shorts. I ditched the fleece before long. Every uphill made me really hot and sweaty and I’d take off my extra layers, then on every downhill I’d be freezing, the problem being amplified by my sweaty shirt. It seemed I could not find a happy medium.

After about 9 miles, we made it to Orca Village. Miraculously, there was an actual outfitter there. I needed new insoles for my shoes. My feet have been giving me trouble this whole trip because my shoes don’t have good arch support. My favorite brand is SOLE, but no one ever has them. I gave in and bought a pair of Super Feet insoles, which I am usually adamantly against. I’m still not sure what I think of them.

We biked on to Moran State Park for the night. There was a gigantic uphill that we ended up pushing our bikes up. We still push our bikes a lot. The park is nice. I think we’re going to take a break from biking tomorrow and do some hiking.

I have no service at the campground, so I’ll have to upload this post when I get some 3G.










One thought on “Days 6 & 7: Lopez and Orca Islands

  1. I am really enjoying all of your photos and love following along with the blogs. Take care and enjoy. Barbara hill

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