Day 8: Mt. Constitution

Today was a fairly pleasant day. We decided to take a day off of biking.

I slept in an hour later than I usually would have. We had our usual breakfast of oatmeal and Yerba Mate for me. Since Orca Island is known for it’s mountains, we thought we should hike up the biggest one.

It was a 4.5 mile hike from our campsite to the top of Mt. Constitution. The grade was steep in some places, but the last mile was more mellow. The elevation gain was 2000 feet total. I hardly saw any other hikers out.

I liked using my hiking muscles for a change, instead of my biking muscles. It was also nice to not have cars zooming past us.

We spent an hour at the top, enjoying the view and enjoying a smidge of cell phone service. I managed to call Sam (my boyfriend) at the end of his lunch break. After soaking in the view, we headed back down the mountain. Our feet and legs were sore.

Back at camp, I made a big pot of rice and salmon with cheese. After relaxing for a while, I headed down to the lake to do some yoga on the dock. It wasn’t as peaceful as it sounds though, because the wooden boards hurt all points of contact. And there was too much duck shit in the grass to stretch there.

We have to wake up extra early tomorrow and bike 15 miles first thing to hopefully catch the 12:30 ferry to San Juan Island. I’m also hoping I have 3G on the ferry so I can upload these posts.









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