Day 5: Prepping for the Islands

We did an easy 15 mile day today to get to Anacortes. We are hopping on a ferry in the morning to get to the San Juan Islands.

The terrain today was varied. We had a nice walking path first thing in the morning for a few miles. It took us along the edge of a swamp area. After that, we pedaled up a state highway for 2 miles. There was a wide shoulder, but the highways are stressful because they’re so noisy and the cars zoom by. We biked over a long foot bridge then down a paved path into town.

We needed to go grocery shopping to get ready for the San Juan Islands. We bought 3 days worth of food. The last island we go to will have a grocery store. I bought fresh eggs so we can have breakfast sandwiches in the morning.

Tonight we are at Washington Park, outside of Anacortes. A random person came up to me and asked if I had lost bike gloves. They turned out to be Mom’s. He said he found them when he was biking to town.





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