Days 3 & 4: Adjusting

Yesterday we biked 29 miles and today we did 16. My legs were really sore yesterday, but they started to feel stronger today. Eating lots of protein and having a Gatorade everyday seems to help keep my energy up. Biking in the sun all day is draining.

Yesterday we had breakfast on the beach before setting out for the day. We biked through the Lummi Indian Reservation. From the Rez, there was a view of Mt. Rainier in the distance. We biked on through the town of Bellingham. It seemed like a little hippie town. There was a naked biker parade scheduled for that evening, so we got out of town.

We spent our night at Lummi State Park. We went to the beach for the sunset and planned to cook dinner there, but it was far too windy. We sat on a rock overlooking the water and giant waves crashed on the jagged rocks below us. It felt like that scene in Harry Potter where Dumbledore takes Harry to retrieve the horcrux from the seaside cave.

Mom wanted to take a zero day today, but we decided to go a short way to the next park instead. The first half of the day was good because there was a lot of downhill. The road was mostly in the shade and there were water views regularly. The road was really curvy though, and there were no shoulders in a lot of places. The cars slowly drove around us though. I think they’re used to bikers.

The second half of the day was flat, which would have been nice, but the wind was blowing against us the whole time. It was way more difficult to pedal.

We looked ahead at our maps for the route, and we didn’t particularly like Washington. We’re inland a lot of the time and the route doesn’t go out to Forks (where Twilight is based). Mom wants to see more ocean and I want to see Forks, so we’re losing the maps.

From Anacortes on Monday morning, we’re going to take a ferry out to the San Juan Islands. We’ll spend 4 or 5 days biking out there, then we will take a ferry to Fort Townshend. From there, we will spend 2 days on the Washington public buses going down the coast and visiting Forks. This way we will stay on schedule and we both get to see what we want. Plus, after 9 days of biking we will need 2 off days.








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