Day 2: Finally in the Countryside

We had an exhausting day yesterday, so we decided to take it easy today. We slept in until 9, then we had McDonalds for breakfast and made a grocery shopping trip before heading on our way. We bought a 2 day supply of food, including fresh fruit and veggies. We got on the road at 11, and had a 27 mile day.

Today was a lot more pleasant. We were biking through the countryside for most of the day, instead of busy city streets. There seemed to be shady spots to relax whenever we needed them. We didn’t really have any issues with finding bathrooms or places to fill our water bottles.

My butt is really sore from my bike saddle. It’s better than it was yesterday, so I think I’m breaking the saddle in or getting used to it. My legs get really sore too. I know that with hiking, the first 3 days are the hardest. If that’s true for biking too, then I have one more hard day before it gets better.

We went across the border early in the afternoon. It was pretty simple. They didn’t seem very suspicious of us. They did dig through our panniers and confiscate Mom’s red peppers.

Mom is adjusting well. She’s learning to not be so picky with food. After the U.S. border today, there was a Burger King. She didn’t want to eat there, but it was the only place around, so I made her. I’ve been drafting off of her when it gets windy. That’s when I bike a few feet behind her and let her cut through the wind, while I have an easier time. She hasn’t noticed yet.

We’re camping out at Birch Bay State Park tonight. It’s right by the ocean, or a peninsula anyway.

I was disappointed when I looked at the maps and found out we weren’t routed to go through Forks, the setting of Twilight. Upon further investigation, we found out that we’re going to be inland for most of Washington. We might go freestyle and find a new route along the coast.








One thought on “Day 2: Finally in the Countryside

  1. I am really enjoying your trip and photos, please stay safe and keep bloging. Melissa, B.J. and I miss you. We are only Art Walking tonite in Z-town. Much slower pace than you trip. Both of you stay well. Barbara H.

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