Day 1: 30 Map Miles

This morning we left our hotel in downtown Vancouver to go to the bike shop. Mom’s bike needed work done because customs seemed to have lost several necessary screws and bent her rear deraillur. The bike shop was really quick and had it done first thing.

We were on our way by 11, but progress was slow. Navigating around the city was really difficult because our route maps only list the streets we’re supposed to take; not the surrounding streets. Also, our phones don’t work in Canada except with wifi, so we couldn’t use our phone GPS.

The first few times we got lost, we kept biking and hoping we were going the right way. After backtracking several miles, we started using the maps more. At one point we were lost on a busy road in the river side industrial area. We decided that we were ready for our serene beaches.

For some reason, it took us 5 hours to do our last 5 miles. We still haven’t worked out why or how. At one point we were on a hiking trail and had to push our bikes up a steep dirt path. We took a wrong turn somewhere.

The last half of the day, we were tired and pushed the bikes during lots of uphills.

I’m horribly sunburnt. Like, really red. We wanted to camp out, but we didn’t make it far enough, so we’re at a motel.

Only 15 more miles to the U.S. Border.







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