Day 0: Vancouver

Yesterday morning I woke up at 3:30 to go to the Denver Airport. After saying goodbye to Sam (my boyfriend), I tried to carry my bike box and panniers to the checked bags line. I made it about 100 yards in 5 minutes, but thankfully a nice man came over to help me. I had a 3 hour flight to Vancouver.

I had been worried that customs would give me trouble since I had a DUI 6 years ago. I’ve read that DUI’s are felonies in Canada and they don’t want to let felons in the country. I brought all of my old court documents with me, so I would be able to show that I paid my fines and everything. They didn’t even ask me about it though, so all the worry was for nothing.

Because of my giant bike box, I took a $30 cab from the airport to the hotel in downtown. After checking in, I wandered around the city for a few hours. I got some amazing sushi that was only $4 for a whole roll. I really wish I could spend all day eating good food in Vancouver.

Mom’s flight got in late in the evening. She was so tired that she didn’t even notice the bottom of my hair was dyed blue. I made her go out to buy a slice of pizza with me anyway.

We got up this morning and attempted to track the box with Mom’s bike. We’re not sure where it is, but it definitely isn’t at the bike shop. We’re hoping it comes in tomorrow. Apparently there was a UPS error that delayed the box.

Today we walked down to the beach and took a seaside walking path for a few miles. The weather was sunny and warm, and there were tons of people out running and biking. My left foot got a sharp pain in it after awhile. We went back to the hotel and I switched to my sandals. My shoes are ultra-light running shoes and the insoles are flimsy. The lack of arch support may have been causing the problem.

I limped down to the art museum to have a look around. There was a special exhibit and the actual artist was there talking to people. I liked most of his stuff, but some of the other pieces on display were questionable.

The sharp pain in my foot dulled quite a bit by the end of the day. I talked Mom into having some poutine in the evening. It’s a Canadian dish that is made of French fries covered in gravy and cheese. I loved it.

We watched the sunset on the beach, and now I’m icing my foot at the hotel. We’re hoping the bike comes in tomorrow. Staying in the city is expensive.





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