Tickets Bought

My beautiful bike!

My beautiful bike!

My mother and I have both purchased our plane tickets to Vancouver, and we will be starting our trip in one month. Our start date is June 1st.

Most of my gear is purchased. I only have to pick up a few small items, like chain lube and cement glue (for patching tubes). I’m still debating whether to bring my DSLR Nikon camera or not. It could easily get damaged on this trip, but there is also going to be amazing scenery and it would be a shame not to have a nice camera.

As far as our bikes go, airlines charge an exorbitant fee, so I’ll likely be shipping mine via FedEx for about $50. It’s the best deal I could find.

I’ll be riding a Specialized Crossroads. Right now it has wider tires (38s), so I’ll probably get a thinner pair before I leave. The purpose for this is so I can go faster with less effort. Mom and I both got a set of Nashbar panniers capable of holding 40 liters for $50 (per set).

That’s all for now!



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