Bike Trip Budgeting

Looks like a good camp spot.

Looks like a good camp spot.

I am 300 short dollars away from my budget goal for the bike trip. We’re leaving in about two months, so I have plenty of time to save everything else I need for the trip.

I’ll explain the cost breakdown of the trip.

My savings goal is $3000.

If that seems like way more than a six week bike ride should cost, that’s because it is. But I’m not just saving for the trip. I got bills to pay!

Trip Cost Breakdown:

  • Campsites: $5 a night x 42 nights = $210
  • Food: $10 a day x 42 days= $420 
  • Gear: $300, I already have all of the camping gear I need. This is just for random bike gear that I don’t have yet.
  • Bus ticket: $100, I’m taking the Greyhound from Denver to Vancouver. Then my dad is picking us up at the end of the trip.

OK, so that is pretty much what I’ll be spending during my bike trip. I’ll probably sleep on the beach sometimes, instead of paying for a campsite. All excess money will go to booze and ice cream.

And the rest of my money goes to bills:

  • Rent for two months: $640
  • Other bills: $430
  • Money to live off of until I find another job: $900

And that’s 3 grand. I sure do miss the days of not having an apartment to pay for.




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