Pacific Coast Spots We’re Excited to Find

The San Juan Islands (image courtesy of

The San Juan Islands (image courtesy of

I’m sure that everyday on this bike trip will bring unexpected surprises and we’ll find cool spots that we haven’t read about in the guidebook. But since the trip is still three months away, I’m living vicariously through my internet research.

Here are all of the spots I’m looking forward to visiting:

Vancouver, Canada:

We’re starting our journey in Vancouver. We will  separately travel there, meet up, stay the night, and start our trip in the morning. Should be plenty of time to do a bit of exploring and eat some good food.

San Juan Islands:

Yeah.... he's in Forks.

Yeah…. he’s in Forks.

We will have to do a bit of ferry riding and island hopping here. This will be our first chance to really soak up the ocean air.

Forks, Washington:

I need a book nerd moment. Forks is where the story of Twilight is based, and I am excited to check out the town. Fingers crossed that I run into Jacob Black while I’m here!

Olympic National Park:

I love national parks, and I’m always excited to check out a new one.

Cannon Beach and “Neptune’s Secret Garden”, Oregon:

I’m not really sure how this beach earned the title of Neptune’s Secret Garden, but I figure it’s worth checking out.

Glass beach (image courtesy of

Glass beach (image courtesy of

Portland, Oregon:

I will need an afternoon here to fill up on street cart food.

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon:

Apparently, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Northwest. I just like the name.


We’ll be spotting lighthouses all the way down the sea shore. I would like to find one I can camp in…

Redwood National Park:

Point Reyes (image courtesy of

Point Reyes (image courtesy of

This is pretty self explanatory. Who wouldn’t want to see the largest organism in the world?

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California:

The beach is made up of little pieces of smooth glass. Decades ago, residents used to throw their trash over the cliffs. After years, all the trash was broken down, except for the glass, which was smoothed by the ocean.

Point Reyes, California:

This is a national preserve of coastline, and a great spot to WHALE WATCH!!!

Big Sur, California:

This is a 90 mile section of coast, where the Santa Lucia Mountains rise out of the ocean.

Big Sur coastline (image courtesy of

Big Sur coastline (image courtesy of

San Francisco, California:

I hear they have great food.

Los Angeles, California:

Maybe I will finally meet Ryan Gosling!

Tijuana, Mexico:

I have been practicing Spanish because I thought I would going to Spain, so maybe I will get to use my skills here. Dos cervezas, por favor!


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